Three Types of Broadhead Blades 

When buying broadheads whether online or offline, you should know that there are three different kinds of blades you can choose. Basically, there are three types of pointer use for hunting. The price will vary depending on the materials used. The carbon broadhead is used for short distant range and aluminum for long range accuracy. Below are the three types of broadheads from conventional to the most innovative broadhead available today.  

Fixed Blade

As the name it sounds, the pointer or the broadhead is glued and fixed directly to the arrow shaft. It is used by bow hunters with specific weight for accuracy. It is highly effective in traditional bows for archery and hunting. The problem with fixed blade is the fact that whenever an arrow has a damage, it won’t be as accurate as it used to be.

Removable Blades

This type of broadhead is designed to replace from one pointer to another on the ferrule. If you’re a fan of the Avenger movie, you got the idea of what removable blades looked like. The removable blades are often used in traditional composite bow and crossbow bolts. No need to waste the entire broadhead if the blade was damaged. The design allows the hunter or the archer to replace his blade. 


Mechanical / Expandable Blades

This type of a broadhead is mean and deadly. The blades are retraced to the ferrule when shooting. The blade will expand its sharp edge upon impact. It requires additional power in order to open the blade as it penetrates to the skin or walls. It only works for crossbows and not for traditional bow since it requires extra muscles to open the mechanical heads.

For hunters, removable blades and mechanical blades are highly recommended. The fix blades on the other hand are for archers who are involved in archery sports. Find broadhead reviews online to know more about crossbows, hunting  and arrow blades